Grovetoberfest - October 18, 2014 

For the fourth year, Grovetoberfest will anoint Coconut Grove with over 300 great beers from across the county and across the world. Grovetoberfest is hosted seaside at Peacock Park, right in the heart of Miami, making it the "most scenic beer festival in the world".

Grovetoberfest is the largest craft beer festival in Florida with over 300 beer styles and over 7,000 visitors. We are all about craft beer and a large variety of craft beer. This year countless breweries will be releasing new beers at Grovetoberfest for the very first time anywhere. And we'll have schedule tappings happening all day long.

We are bringing back favorites like the Kitchen Lab, where you can learn cooking with beer tips from award-winning chefs; Miami's Best Homebrew contest, where local brewmasters-to-be battle it out for the coveted title; Beer Tasting 101 hosted by FIU's Beer Academy, where you can learn the basics of beer tasting; and the Live Music Stage with great performances all day.

Let's not forget that this is still a BEER festival, and we'll have hundreds to sample. As Miami grows its craft beer community, we'll have even more beers to taste and enjoy. But the real stars of Grovetoberfest are you, the beer-drinking fans. Last year, over 7,000 of you descended on Peacock Park with great enthusiasm and responsibility. The crowd had a great representation of both men and women, and beer fans came from all over Florida and as far away as the U.K., Norway and Australia! 


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