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We'd like thank you for your interest in this beer wonderland we're calling Grovetoberfest.  We are working hard on getting as many unique beers to Miami as possible, but as my mom always tells me, I am far from perfect. So if you have any suggestions, please chime in. We are a small, but dedicated team of beer lovers who (selfishly) want to bring a world-class beer festival to our back yard. Not literally "our back yard," not that any of us can afford to live in the Grove - but you get the picture. Here is a rundown of our crew and their email addresses.

Tony Albelo - Chief Sample Taster. A large and handsome man, Tony is a true Miami homer. He lived at home until last year. He is our fearful leader. 

Rebecca Lopez - Sidekick. Sometimes the sidekick is overlooked. Robin is but a passing joke for Batman. Tonto really never got respect from the Lone Ranger. But our Rebecca is different.

Leo "Twinkle Toes" Navarro - Entertainment Director. His nickname was bequeathed upon him as he once scurried from a field mouse. His dance moves ain't bad either. 

Matt Smith - Media Master Blaster. We are lucky to have little Matt on our team. Hailing from Indiana, he was culture shocked when he got to Miami. We took him under our wing. Not because he needed anything, but because he is that short. 

Dina Allende - Director of HooplaWith the rest of the crew sampling beer, someone has to keep their composure and face the media. That’s Dina, our P/R Spinster.

Eric "Ginger" Toth - Suds Soothsayer Eric is our resident beer guru. He knows more about beer than... well, anyone on our team. Ask him about his nickname.

Chef Pastor Sequera - Gastromaniac. Pastor is an executive chef who has cooked for the sitting President of the United States (really).  He is creating all the food pairings for the event and site.

Emily "Achtung" Adams - Pencil Pusher. Emily is our accountant and if I say anything bad, she won't pay for lunches and beer. She is a very nice lady.

And I'm sure we'll be adding more critical key players (who will work for free) to our team. So don't be shy. Shoot us an email or two with your ideas, suggestions, or better jokes. See you at Grovetoberfest!



Beer Tasting Headquarters
2550 S Bayshore Drive
Coconut Grove, FL  33133


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