Welcome to the 3rd edition of Miami’s Best Homebrew presented by South Florida on TAP.  We are going to keep it simple, but we do have some rules just to make sure everyone is on a level playing field. What are you brewing for? Good question.


  • Home kegging kit provided by Daddy Brews
  • Your beer will be featured in at least one bar/restaurant in Miami
  • Grovetoberfest will pay for your supplies to make this additional batch of beer
  • A bad ass trophy
  • Comfort in knowing you have the best beer in Miami
  • Lot’s of notoriety and bragging rights
  • Category winners will receive $50 prize packs compliments of South Florida on TAP and a trophy.

General Rules

1. You must complete the entry form by Sept 30, 2014 – No exceptions
2. We are limiting judging to the first 5 beers in each category.
3. Contest is only open to home brewers in the South Florida area
4. Brew in compliance with best brewing practices
5. There is no entry fee to compete
6. You must bring 5 individually bottled beers to one of the drop off locations below.
7. Bottles must be unmarked with plain caps an no label or markings. Dark bottles please.


Judging will happen at Gold Coast on October 9 at 7pm Sharp. You can drop off your beer at Gold Coast on Oct 9 between 4pm and 7pm or Daddy brews any day before.  Please contact Jacob at Daddy brews to verify their hours.  You and one guest are welcome to view the judging at Gold Coast from 7pm to 9pm on Oct 9. 


1. This will be a blind taste test by our panel of judges
2. All decisions of the panel are final
3. Your beer must enter into one of the following four categories:
     Malt Forward – Any beer style that showcases the malt characteristic of the beer   
     Hop Forward – Any beer style that showcases the hop characteristic of the beer
     Well Balanced – Any style that represents a balance of both
     "Gasolina” – Any style above 10% ABV
4. You must enter your beer into the category YOU deem appropriate. The judges will not switch you categories for you.
5. There will be a winner in each category and a “Best in Show” overall winner.

At Grovetoberfest

If you wish to pour/sample your beer at Grovetoberfest you can do so at no cost. We provide tent, table, ice, etc. 

1. If you bring 15-20 gallons (15 minimum) then you will be under the Home Brew Pavilion tent with your own table.
2. If you bring more than 20 gallons, you have the option of having your own individual tent tent.
3. In either case you will be given 2 vendor passes only. 

Good Luck!

-         Grovetoberfest, Daddy BrewsIRP Innovations and South Florida on TAP

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