Beer 101 is a short workshop conducted by the team from BREW FIU in an easy and informative manner. The team will briefly cover beer history, beer making, and lastly beer tasting. This clinic is 20 minutes long and will be conducted 4 times throughout the day at Grovetoberfest. Seating is limited.

Here is a glimpse into what will be taught.



See, Sniff, Sip, Spit, Savor


Beer has color because it interacts with various wavelengths of light. The best way to see the true color of a beer is to use clear beer glasses and tilt against white background. Note depth of color, transparent to opaque, and note clarity – the presence of any haze or sediment.


A series of short quick sniffs help the smell reach olfactory mucosa, which lies in upper part of nasal cavity; you will experience nose fatigue after six seconds. True tastes have no smell. Beer aroma consists of malts, hops, and yeast signatures. Good smells include fruits, flowers, caramel, molasses, and honey. Bad smells such as a burning match, nail polish remover, vinegar, vegetables, musty/dank, or moldy can reveal a lot about a beer.


The taste of beer is a retro-nasal aroma, flavor intensity, body/texture, aftertaste, and finish.


The former is done by judges at beer competitions or extensive tastings. The latter is done by everyone enjoying a glass of beer.


Balance is a measure of the harmony between the various components. Sweetness is used to balance acidity and astringency, enough body for the style of beer, enough persistence of flavor, aroma, and texture elements.


The head of BREW FIU is Dr. Gump. Dr. Barry H. Gump’s interests include beer brewing and wine education classes.  He is the first holder of the Harvey R. Chaplin Eminent Scholar’s Chair in Beverage Management at Florida International University’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Dr. Gump is a noted wine author, and has been a professional wine judge for many years at a number of major wine competitions.  Dr. Gump is also Emeritus Professor of Chemistry and Emeritus Adjunct Professor of Enology at California State University, Fresno, where he taught courses in chemistry, brewing, and wine analysis for over 30 years.

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