Grovetoberfest F.A.Q.

So before you get all bowed up and fired up, FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions, not F*** Al-Qaeda – which would be nice, but not the purpose of this web page. We’re going to tackle the most annoying... we mean the most common questions we get.

Q: Does the entry fee ($40, $70 or $90) include the beer or is the beer extra?
A: Your entry entitles you to sample all the beer we have. There is a selection of special beers in VIP which only VIP’s can sample. These are included for VIP’s as well.

Q: Will you run out of beer?
A: No. We work closely with the breweries to know how much beer we will need. We then take that number and add another 50% more beer to ensure a free flowing event.

Q: Can I bring my kids?
A: No. Everyone inside the event must be 21. Sorry, insurance regulations.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: No. Unless his name is Randy Jackson.

Q: Can you explain the Safe Ride Home program?
A: Yes. The Safe Ride Home program is intended as a backup plan. It’s not meant to be part of your main plan. You should enjoy the festival responsibly and bring a designated driver or go into the Grove and eat dinner until you are ready to drive yourself home. BUT in the event that you don’t, we have shuttle service that will take you home. The service is limited to Miami-Dade County.

Q: Is there food inside?
A: Yes. We have food vendors ready to serve you. Of course the food is not complimentary. That means you pay for it yourself.

Q: What about VIP food?
A: Yes. We have appetizers for the VIP area. Not a sit-down dinner. Appetizers.

Q: What does Grovetoberfest mean?
A: Really?

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